To be a strategic ena​​bler for the workforce and business transformation.​


Supporting the development of a ready, relevant, and resilient workforce to enable business transformation and growth.

Who We Are​

NTUC's Industry Training and Transformation Department is a strategic enabler within NTUC to support workforce and business transformation. 

Leveraging tools like the Operation & ​​Technology Roadmap process, Industry Training Officers work with unions to support companies in developing a ready, relevant, and resilient workforce alongside business strategies that will address current and future needs. Together with the unions and the extended Labour Movement family, the NTUC Training and Transformation team assists companies to translate these strategies into actionable outcomes such as technology adoption, job redesign, and skills upgrading to drive workforce and business transformation and growth.

NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Desmond Tan on the importance of training and transformation

“Since 2019, the formation of Company Training Committees (CTCs) has helped companies to leverage on the NTUC ecosystem to transform their business operations and workforce.

To support the CTCs, NTUC is helping companies with the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) process to map out their business strategy, redesign jobs to improve productivity, provide training solutions and job placement services, in collaboration with government agencies and industry partners.

Through our tripartite partnerships, CTCs aim to achieve win-win outcomes for the employers and workers. I welcome more companies to work with us so that we can further strengthen enterprise capabilities and build deeper skills in our workforce.”