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​Being the first unionised SME accounting f​irm, my team and I benefited greatly from support of NTUC Training and Transformation team, whom together with e2i, A*STAR and our Company Training Committee (CTC), facilitated the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) for 3E Accounting to help us chart potential industry trends, map current and future workplans in human resource and capital investments, and grow our external wing via overseas market expansion. Through the OTR, we identified our ambition to become the world's first SME robotics accounting firm.

Lawrence Chai
Founder & Chief Technology Officer, 3E Accounting Group


We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to the NTUC Training and Transformation Team for the successful and effective facilitation during the Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) retreat that we have recently conducted. The process has not only allowed the various stakeholders to better align themselves to the objectives of the Organisation in the long run, it has also opened a window for new ideas to be formed and clarity to be achieved with existing goals. These level of engagement and facilitation is valuable to us as an Organisation and to the Senior Management, including myself, as it ensures that there will be a concerted effort from all stakeholders moving forward, to achieve our OTR plans in the following years.

Adrian Ang
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AGB Education Centre


AICA Singapore is pleased to have developed our Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) in partnership with the Chemical Industries Employees Union (CIEU) and NTUC Training and Transformation (T&T) team. Prior to the sessions, we met with the facilitators from T&T who helped to clearly define the OTR objectives set for the management team. As much as we wanted to conduct a physical session, we had to conduct the sessions virtually due to the safe management advisories (Phase 2HA). Nonetheless, it was an enriching experience as the management team participated in the rapid fire brainstorming and the intense discussions. The OTR methodology was an eye opener, guiding us through structured thinking and brainstorming to be able to plan ahead in operations. The OTR process is a future tool that the managers can use in their respective departments. The facilitators brought the session to life with their own experiences and suggestions. Their engaging approach was instrumental in guiding us through the process, resulting in an exciting roadmap. A heartfelt thank you to the team and I look forward to work closely with NTUC in the various initiatives identified through this exercise.

Ter Leong Thai
Assistant General Manager, AICA Singapore


We would like to register our heartfelt thanks and immense appreciation to the NTUC TWP -OTR Team who assisted us in our preliminary planning to transform our Operations and Workforce to be future-ready. Through the kind introduction from our IRO who linked us up with her colleagues in NTUC, we were introduced to the TWP facilitators. With excellent facilitation and listening skills from the NTUC TWP -OTR Team, the OTR process crystallized our thoughts on the “Why, What and How” of reaching our five - year corporate vision. The collaborative ideation, brainstorming, brain-sailing and synergistic efforts from all parties have formed a comprehensive roadmap for the realisation of our corporate vision in sustainability. Hence, we are more aware of the necessary resources we require to reach our OTR destination. The path to business and workforce transformation has just begun. We shall boldly embrace it with confidence and perseverance. Kindly convey our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Team. Thank You Very Much!

Jakob Lambsdorff
Chief Executive Officer, ALBA WAH Smart City


The Strategic Road Mapping / OTR experience forced the team to come together amidst busy daily schedules to have strategic conversations and brainstorm ideas. The NTUC team's facilitation was useful to help us make use of the time effectively and the clear presentation of our thoughts and discussions assisted us in documentation. Thank you NTUC for the wonderful experience!

Cho Pei Lin
Managing Director, APRW


The Biocreations Asia team enjoyed the professional and engaging facilitation by the NTUC Training and Transformation team. Over the weeks of workshops, our team charted the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) that identified potential industry trends as well as resources required e.g. training to achieve the goals. It was a great team-bonding exercise too as members of various functions provided their inputs, and aligned to work towards the same ambition.

Dolphy Yeo
Director, Biocreations Asia


Whilst speed is important to keep the momentum going, the quality in your compilation of the materials is truly impressive. The ability of the OTR team to articulate all the inputs of the participants in clear, concise language showed case the skills of an experienced and attentive team. Participants remained fully engaged and motivated to contribute till the end because the OTR team ensured that they understood how the strategic plan was being constructed steadily in a structured, systematic manner. More importantly, all inputs were explored sensitively; and participants were convinced that their inputs were valuable quickly. The 4 OTR facilitators provided variety in delivery styles which was interesting and refreshing. I must give the highest compliments to the team, the outcome exceeded my expectation; high value add outcome after what seemed like “a happy 15-hour walk in the park”. The quality of the materials produced for us are so compelling, we are committed to take the first step towards operationalising the various elements in our 3-year strategic plan, fast.

Lee Sook Fung
General Manager, Boskalis - SMIT Singapore


Thanks to the NTUC Training & Transformation team who facilitated the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) with our Canon Singapore management team, we were able to gain better clarity for our vision and craft the appropriate strategies to bring our business forward.

Andrew Koh
Vice President and Head of Singapore Operations Group, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.


We would like to register our heartfelt appreciation to NTUC Training & Transformation team. Through Singapore Manual & Mercantile Workers’ Union’s recommendation, we went through the OTR process which crystallized our thoughts on the “Why, What and How” and the visioning of our three-year goals. The workshops were conducted through excellent facilitation and listening skills from the NTUC T&T team, We thanked the experienced team in structuring our roadmap so that we were able to chart out our plans and tasks in a systematic way. It is helpful in receiving diverse views from my team members, generating participation and inputs, thereby prioritizing our company's multiple goals. The path to business and workforce transformation has just begun. We look forward to embracing the next steps with more confidence.

Stefan Lim
Deputy Chief Executive officer, CASA


Generally, most local Engineering and Manufacturing SMEs do not plan more than 2 years into the future as we are held back by daily operational needs. By joining MIWU, forming a Company Training Committee and co-creating an Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR), we now understand our short, medium and long term challenges and opportunities. We are also able to effectively plan the required resources to capitalize on those areas. We sincerely thank the Training & Transformation Manufacturing team for having guided and facilitated us through-out the OTR workshops and post-OTR execution. We would also like to thank the Union for supporting us through this journey and hope for many more years of collaborations.

Ellis Eng
Managing Director, Certact Engineering


The NTUC facilitators guided us to consider ways to transform existing business streams from technology, capability and manpower perspectives. In addition, we were also able to examine trends and requirements for new growth areas. The Operation & Technology Roadmap process has helped the team to craft a unified strategy to bring our business to the next level.

Ricky Kok
Managing Director, Chang Cheng Group


We are grateful to the NTUC Training and Transformation team for the OTR. Through the workshops, we were able to look at external challenges and market trends to identify innovative products and solutions to meet future demands. The professional facilitators led our team using the structured methodology to come out with strategies to propel our business growth for next 3 years. The OTR has also helped to identify areas for job re-design and additional training needs which came in timely for our plant relocation. It was such a fruitful learning journey.

Tiffany Jiang
General Manager, Chye Choon Foods



The Operations Technology Roadmap that BATU facilitated was truly a milestone initiative. At Cleaning Express ATALIAN- the information we garnered and processed has helped shape our vision and modus operandi for our further growth and development. We formulated the Company’s strategic as well as operational goals in the various time prisms. With the current pandemic crisis it is even more critical and imperative for us to employ this OTR target forecast to align and calibrate strategies in a more timely fashion. We are certainly glad that we were on board this journey with the union as all the aforesaid will be of efficacy to the continued employment and employability and welfare of our employees and members of BATU.

Abdul Aziz Yusof
CEO, Cleaning Express ATALIAN



The Operation & Technology Roadmap mapping process has helped CDC gain better clarity of the “why we do what we do” and the “how we should do it”. The clinching factor of Operation & Technology Roadmap allows us to visualise and appreciate the connecting points of the deliverables to the drivers (external and internal) and to the resources required. This is instrumental in helping the company navigate in the challenging operating environment, harnessing its limited resources, and forging a closer collaboration among the different functional areas in its journey towards achieving a common desired outcome. An outcome that will benefit the company and its people.

Lim Tien Hock
Chief Executive Officer, Comfort Delgro Driving Centre



The Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) exercise is a great experience which had helped in the identification of the future trends in consumer behaviour and industry technologies. With the excellent insights gained from the focused approach, it was easy for our team to develop and chart our long-term plans in a systematic manner. The completed roadmap provides a big picture view of our unified strategy which allows us to target specific areas for immediate action.

Karl Muir
General Manager, Concorde Hotel Singapore



While we think we are the expert of the business, the process managed to get the team to come together and discuss in a more structured manner how we intend to run the business in the mid-term. And the great facilitation encouraged us to discover a lot more considerations and variables that would otherwise might not have been obvious.

Ng Sim Lim
Vice President, Sales, Constellar Venues Pte Ltd



The OTR sessions cover the essential function and operations roadmap for the next 5 years; enables us to look at the macro driver, strategy and action plans to carry out the short, mid and long-term plan.

Kung Teong Wah
General Manager, Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore



It was an interesting programme where participants’ ideas and opinions converge. Our roadmap are much clearer now than when we first started and we can’t wait to get it implemented.

Sindy Wong
General Manager, CT Management Holdings


The programme was well organised, with perfectly planned activities, useful insights, excellent time keeping and exceptional facilities. The facilitators have a great way of making the participants feel comfortable & confident to participate and give their insights and ideas. I also liked the fact that they kept the actual delivery flexible and reacted positively to our feedback, especially when we suggested tweaks to get the most out of all the participants.

Tomeu Mas
Managing Director, dnata Singapore


On behalf of Management and Staff of Dyna-Mac, we would like to express our appreciation for the assistance and support given by NTUC and Union. It was much needed for Dyna-Mac’s aspiration to ride on the oil & gas wave and importantly, into our new growth area, which are product / services for carbon capture storage and the greener fuel like hydrogen and ammonia. During the four sessions, your Team has shown exemplary professionalism and commitment to support the industry and more importantly, to help our Singapore workforce in our transformation effort. At the “Every Worker Matters Conservations on A Green Singapore, a Just Transition for Workers” chaired by Brother SG Chee Meng, we heard the concerns voiced by some of our local SME employers and union leaders on the impact of transition to green economy and sustainability push. My take away from it was that many SMEs will benefit from your sharing and will need NTUC / SMEEU’s guidance on the organization transformation. This is just the beginning of Dyna-Mac’s journey and story. We believe that if we work together with the union, we will overcome the challenges and emerge stronger.

A. C. Lim
Chief Executive Officer, Dyna-Mac Engineering Service Pte Ltd


We want to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to the NTUC Training & Transformation team for facilitating the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) sessions with such passion and enthusiasm. Their detail-oriented guiding experiences kept the team focused on the roadmap objectives to identify the key internal and external drivers and possible deliverables to attain the goals and objectives. It will be an exciting transformation journey for both the Company and our people ahead.

Tony Khoo
CEO, EM Services Pte Ltd


On the behalf of the ENGIE Services Singapore(ESS) management team, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to you and the team for the Operations & Technology Roadmap(OTR) workshops. It was an extremely useful series of workshops, and the outcomes illustrated the importance of this topic to ESS. NTUC Training & Work Prospects(NTWP) used a detailed, step-by-step process, effectively guided us to identify our own strategic goals and requirements to support the business growth by embracing digital, technologies and upskilling needs for our workforce in the next 5years. Though it was certainly not the best way to conduct the workshops through the virtual way but the NTWP team’s professionalism and patience had greatly helped in the smooth facilitation of the entire process. Once again, thank you for the making the OTR workshop successful, and we appreciate your continued support in the journey to achieve our desired results. Thank you.

Tan Chai Soon
Deputy Managing Director, Head of IFM, ENGIE Services Singapore


The experience has been great. The process flow is simple to understand and makes sense. With great facilitators to guide us in putting our ideas into different workstreams really helps us connect the dots.

Terence Chia
General Manager of Institutional Catering Management, Food Services, Fair​Price Group


The OTR workshop was engaging and well-organised, and the trainers were professional and well-prepared for each workshop. We were able to gain a clearer understanding about the current state of the business and have greater confidence to explore new opportunities. The roadmap that was developed through the OTR process has also provided our team with a good template to frame follow-up discussions to help us better address operational demands and resource limitations.

Patrick Ong
Head of F&B Management, FairPrice Group


The process utilised in Operation & Technology Roadmap is great. It encouraged parallel thinking within the group when doing ideation of projects and goals. Linking the internal and external drivers is a great brainstorming structured tool.

John Wu
Regional Director of Engineering, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts


Through the Operation & Technology Roadmap workshop, companies will have a clearer picture of their positioning and be able to plan more strategically.

Seah Lay Hoon
Director, Fresco


The Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) is a useful exercise to think about broader developments and how Gardens by the Bay should respond to stay relevant and competitive. This systematic planning tool helps us organise our thoughts on future trends and ideate strategies to prepare our business and workforce for the next shift. With guidance from the NTUC facilitators, the team had tabulated many good ideas during the brainstorming process, and the OTR roadmap would help us track the timely implementation of these ideas.

Lee Kok Fatt
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Gardens by the Bay


In this pandemic, the team adapted to a Virtual Operation & Technology Roadmap in facilitating the mapping of a 5-year journey. It became even more imperative for the organisation and its employees to learn to adapt to the new normal couple with the fast changing digital environment. We are therefore thankful to the TWP team for their guidance in this exercise.

Vivian Tang
Managing Director, GKE Services


Being in the essential industry, Global Marine Transportation plays our part in keeping the Singapore Shipping Trade Hub open by supplying marine fuels to vessels calling Singapore despite the world pandemic crisis and business environmental challenges. Many times we find ourselves having to navigate through the choppy water while keeping ourselves cost competitive. We know the Company need to adapt fast in the demanding and ever changing environment. This is the reason why we embarked on the Operations & Technology Roadmap with NTUC. By going through the OTR workshops which were facilitated by NTUC T&T ITOs, we were able to visualize and understand what medium to long term opportunities and challenges face us and how we can capitalize and mitigate these effects. We were also able to understand the required resources needed and have begun addressing these at the CTC platform. We hope we can work together with USME and NTUC T&T for any future programmes that may be beneficial for us.

Aaron Tan
General Manager, Global Marine Transportation


Thank you for your kind guidance and walking with Global Training Services / Poh Wah Group on this OTR journey . I’ve attended many management program before; yours was by far the most useful, memorable, and thought-provoking. The OTR program is effective and efficient even though it was done via digital platform (Zoom) . Much appreciated by my management team and myself.

Ben Chong
Director, Global Training Services


Thank you to the NTUC Training and Transformation team for helping us develop our Operation and Technology Roadmap. The facilitators were very professional and well trained, to guide us in our transformation journey. The workshops were well organised and provided us with the big picture of where the company is heading and how we should move forward. We had good discussions and everyone has a clearer understanding of the hotel’s plans in the next 5 years. This strategy planning roadmapping exercise is very useful as it helped us to identify areas of focus in our business. We look forward to further our discussions at the regular CTC meetings with Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union, supported by NTUC Training and Placement Ecosystem.

Priscilla Ng
General Manager, Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy​​


We were impressed with the level of expertise and dedication displayed by the NTUC Industry Training & Transformation (IT&T) team together with the Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU). They took the time to truly understand our company's unique needs and goals, and tailored their approach accordingly. Their top-down approach enabled everyone to gain a comprehensive understanding of our company's landscape, including our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. One of the standout features of the Operations & Technology Roadmap (OTR) was the team's ability to provide actionable and measurable solutions to help us achieve our goals. The team was also highly responsive and communicative throughout the process. In conclusion, we highly recommend the NTUC IT&T team for their professional and thorough approach to consulting, as a result of the partnership with CMPU. Their expertise and dedication to helping their clients achieve their goals makes them an invaluable partner to any company.

Kee Cheng Heng
Managing Director, HelloHolo Pte. Ltd.


In such uncertain and fast-changing world, it is important we take time to collectively look at upcoming trends and chart our future path together as a team. My team and I benefitted greatly from this workshop conducted by the NTUC Training and Transformation team. The facilitators conducted the workshop professionally. They were patient in guiding participants through the Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) and full of enthusiasm. They provided a comfortable pace and tone for participants to contribute confidently, inspiring them to share their thoughts and ideas actively. From the OTR, we were able to get a clear understanding and visualisation of our deliverables and resources needed. Sincere thanks and appreciation to the NTUC T&T Team!

Lim Puay See Marie
Director (Car Parks), Housing Management Group


A big thank you to the NTUC Training and Transformation team for helping us with the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR). With a roadmap in place, we are able to identify the critical areas for focus, what needs to be done and the products and services to be launched. The professional facilitators from NTUC led our team to discuss ways to deepen our existing HR capabilities as well as strategies to attract local talent. The roadmap provides a clear timeline for easy tracking of the various initiatives. Kudos to the team for this great roadmapping journey.

Ang Suan (Mrs Loh)
Director, Hong Seafood​​


OTR is a well-tested and systematic process that allows organisations to chart out what they would like to achieve within the mid to long-term. What we realised after experiencing it first-hand is - beyond being just another modular programme, it gave us valuable opportunity to have deep and meaningful engagements with our team members. We have now established clear directions and our goals are aligned. As a business leader, I walked away from the workshop feeling more assured that our organisation will emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic stronger than before. We are excited to bring our ideas to live in the next few years!

Lee Si Min
General Manager, Hotel Royal @ Queens​​


Thank you to each of you for your guidance, patience and facilitation in these 8 intensive virtual sessions of the OTR workshop. As the Head of BSM team, I want to say a Big Thank You on behalf of our team for making this workshop a success. It’s not easy trying to bridge the gap between the management and the ops team to the same shared vision and proceeding to brainstorm, voice out and mapped out the details for the roadmap. I am very fortunate to be linked with NTUC Industry Training and Transformation team to carry out this intensive workshop. We will not be able to do this on our own in such a systematic and open platform where you have facilitated the workshop professionally with a gentle touch, you continuously encouraged the team to come out with ideas (no idea is a bad idea) and you shared your experiences and practices that allows us to link back to the context of BSM work.

Sally Lam
Division Director of Blood Supply Management, Blood Services Group, Health Sciences Authority


We are grateful to NTUC for introducing the OTR model to Ignite VR and facilitating the workshop. The OTR process is a great way to gain clarity while charting the future of the company. It was very engaging and insightful, and we were not only able to identify gaps and blindspots, but also opportunities and enablers that can help solidify ourselves in the industry. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the great people at NTUC Training & Transformation department as well as Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU) for their support and highly recommend businesses to go through the workshop.

Mohamed Muhaimin
Co-Founder, Ignite VR​​


The partnership with NTUC IT&T has been an incredible opportunity to explore new horizons in the industry. By embracing cutting-edge technology and strategic workforce development, we now have access to powerful tools and resources that can enable us to offer even more comprehensive and customized services to businesses. Being a part of CMPU has shown us the immense value of having an invaluable partner who offers responsive and proactive support. Their commitment to delivering value to their members is evident in everything they do, along with a high level of expertise and professionalism. Thank you to the entire NTUC IT&T and CMPU team for being amazing partners, we look forward to explore new horizons in the B2B marketing space together.

Jeremy Tan
Agency Head, INL Agency​​


The sessions are hugely beneficial to our company in strategising and roadmapping our future plans.

Adrian Ang
Managing Director, Capen Marketing Pte Ltd (Kele)


NTUC team conducted value-adding OTR workshops. The workshops brought better understanding across various functions and understanding of company’s internal and external challenges. The charted roadmap, provides a path to close existing gaps and develop new products and process to take us forward as an organisation. We thank NTUC, in running the workshops professionally. And for suggesting a road for the development journey for the business.

Bernard Tan
Technical Manager, Keppel Smit Towage​​


SISEU and NTUC Industry Training & Transformation team were instrumental in guiding our organization to identify problems and actionable strategies that help streamline processes to improve our efficiency, maximizing business performance, creating value and accelerating growth.

Tajima Hiromitsu
Managing Director, KOSÉ​​


During our first meeting with NTUC Training & Transformation (T&T) team, we were impressed by their presentation, resulting in the company deciding to attend the OTR session. At every stage of the brainstorming session, the facilitators helped us to come out with ideas and objectives. The team made us feel at home so that we could openly discuss and debate the ideas, which helped us decide on the practical deliverables tied to timelines. The facilitators had a great understanding on marketing & brand building. They helped us formulate ideas and facilitated discussions on the company’s customer engagement activities, online and traditional marketing and branding strategies. The process made us realise the importance of new-age online tools for customer engagement, which encouraged us to include some of the relevant tools and platforms in our OTR deliverables. NTUC T&T team also provided us practical advice on how to achieve our objectives by leveraging funding support provided by different agencies. They shed light on government schemes for SMEs to enter overseas markets to expand customer base. We appreciate their rational analysis and valuable insights provided on implementation strategies for various deliverables.

Seah Wee Siong
Head, Business Development, Lian Shing Construction​​


The Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) planning is certainly a great tool to map transformation in any organization. This workshop has helped Leica Instruments (Singapore) bring cross-functional teams together to map end-to-end processes and requirements in the entire transformation including prioritizations and resources need. We would like to take the chance to thank the NTUC TWP-OTR Team for your great facilitation and encouragement, nudging us to think out-of-the-box during the brainstorming sessions. We also deeply appreciate our IRO and MIWU Executive Secretary for their commitment and support during these sessions.

Ho Choo Kiong
Managing Director, Leica Instruments​​


The OTR process has enabled LS 2 to prepare for the future of work and identify potential business strategy gaps. The NTUC Training and Transformation (T&T) Facilitators were motivating and critically challenged the team to ensure that all implications have been considered. For the Cleaning Sector, the transition to the digitalise and diversifying business portfolios have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to adapt skills to the changing needs will be critical for workers of the future. With the insights gathered from the OTR on vital skills for the future of work and capability-building efforts, LS 2 is able to equip and develop our resources progressively. LS 2 is appreciative of this opportunity with T&T.

Tan Wei Ying
Corporate Services Director, LS 2 Services​​


Considering the immense challenges that the hospitality industry had to address due to the pandemic, the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) certainly came in very timely, supporting the need to structure short to medium term strategic-operational business plans. By capitalising on the systematic approach of the OTR, the hotel’s senior management team was able to articulate strategies and initiatives into structured business directions. The support of the FDAWU and NTUC certainly deserves special thanks for this purposeful and rewarding journey.

Christian Hassing
General Manager, Mandarin Oriental Singapore


The Operation & Technology Roadmap workshop was truly an insightful & enriching experience for our company and helped to challenge us to think out of the box and come up with a strategic plan for the company’s growth. On behalf of Manna Pot Catering, we are thankful for the support and guidance that NTUC has provided us with during the OTR workshops and our team has gained experiential insights from this process. It was truly beneficial to plan and organise our vision for the next 5 years and equipped us with the relevant skills to execute these ideas within a realistic time frame. We are looking forward to the implementation of the 5-year road map and grateful to NTUC for this opportunity as we continue to expand and grow as a company! Kudos to the team for making these sessions interactive.

Belicia Tan
General Manager, Manna Pot Catering Pte Ltd


The Operations & Technology Roadmap (OTR) was a useful brainstorming tool to facilitate cross functional sharing and prioritisation of macro drivers, organisational & functional goals and key initiatives. The program was well supported by the NTUC Training & Transformation team with good support to the participants by the NTUC OTR facilitators and SISEU officers throughout the six sessions.

Rajat Mittal
Managing Director, Digital & Technology, Mercatus ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


We, Mido team are very thankful for the 6 sessions of OTR conducted by NTUC Team. We appreciate your time and fruitful tips given during the OTR session and appreciate your thoughtfulness explained the details in both languages to suit our Team culture. The OTR session was conducted in an organised and cleared manner. The materials and input were very useful and clearly tailored to suit our team. Mido Uniforms have benefitted greatly from the session which has provided us with a better roadmap and direction towards our growth and direction for the next 3-5 years. We truly recommend this course to other organisations. Thank you once again for the 1.5 months coaching with my team and I.

Yulia So
Managing Director, Mido Uniforms


The operation & technology roadmap facilitates thinking about long-term organizational goals and strategies. It is an effective tool that identifies new products, processes, and ensures the allocation of resources to suitable emerging technologies that will generate positive impact on the business. Overall, this entire workshop has instilled greater confidence in our business; due to the creation and brainstorming of cohesive/coherent action plans for future investment.

Ryan Teo
Senior Section Manager, Training, Corporate Planning Department, Mitsubishi Elevator (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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