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The Operation & Technology Roadmap workshop provided our workgroup with a structured and systematic framework to do a stock-take of where we are now, scan key external and internal drivers and articulate what’s needed in order to reach our desired outcomes. It was a fruitful workshop for us and we’d like to express our gratitude to all the facilitators of the workshop for their guidance and patience throughout the process.

Claramae Chong
Deputy Director/IS CET, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


We were thoroughly impressed by the expertise and dedication of our facilitators. Their guidance and support throughout the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) programme were invaluable in shaping our successful growth strategy. Their insightful approach helped us gain a deeper understanding of our business environment. The workshops were conducted with exceptional facilitation skills that fostered a collaborative atmosphere during the workshops, ensuring every participant's voice was heard. Together, their combined efforts made the OTR programme a truly enlightening and transformative experience. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the facilitators for their outstanding contributions in charting our path to long-term business growth.

Rachel Tay
Director, Operations & Human Resource, OG Department Stores


We would like to extend a warm thank-you and kudos to the group of experienced facilitators from the NTUC Training & Transformation team who led us in the development of our 5-year OTR roadmap. Though the sessions were conducted virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of you guided our team throughout effectively, making the sessions interactive, interesting, engaging and productive. The guided illustrations made the contents easily understandable, aided our team to follow through closely what is expected for transformation and charting of our roadmap, taking into consideration our business strategies, external & internal drivers, technology, people involvement & development.

Evelin Chong
Senior Manager, Human Resource Department, Orchid Country Club


The usual complex and strategic planning process has been made practical and realistic through the OTR approach in developing a detailed and easy-to-grasp roadmap, synthesized with new innovation pipelines, technology investment as well as critical must-have resources that not only aims to increase productivity but also ensure a sustainable human capital to support the growth. The professional facilitators (supportive and candid) have been instrumental in guiding the team members effectively throughout the 5 sessions. The participants always come back with a fresh mind when they re-joined the next session.

Dr SP Leong
CEO, Phoon Huat


As the national representative of the Printing Industry, the Print and Media Association, Singapore (PMAS) has the biggest interest and challenge to ensure the continuation of our printing industry. To keep up with global innovation trends, PMAS sees the need for our industry to transform, grow and remain competitive. Through the recommendation of our partner e2i, PMAS embarked on a 5 half-day Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) program. The NTUC IT&T facilitators brought us through a structured format to gain fresh perspectives of our print environment and together, we came up with a 5-year industry roadmap. We greatly appreciate the team for their inputs and guidance to assist PMAS in charting our industry milestones and deliverables.

PMAS Management Committee 2020/2022


The Operation & Technology Roadmap process allowed my team to co-create PM Link's future and plan for the next 5 years. It also provided clarity on PM​ Link’s goals and the skills-set required by our Project Managers to meet these goals. In partnership with NTUC, we have started working on training our workforce on areas such as design thinking, data analytics and BIM training to ensure that our Project Managers are equipped with future ready skills.

Tan Cheng Chuah
Managing Director, PM Link

The Strategic Road Mapping/OTR process was insightful and provided a big picture view of where the business stood in the advertising landscape, as well as identified a number of strategic opportunities for business growth. The team led by NTUC IT&T and the Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU) took great efforts to unearth the motivations and considerations of an SME creative company and the valuable learnings will certainly help chart our path forward, both in the immediate and long term horizon.

Kelvin Kao


The Operation & Technology Roadmap offers an excellent opportunity to discover and align different perspectives as well as to generate a comprehensive visualisation of what the future holds for the business organisation and its people as a collective. This convergence will bring to bear the capacity and resources to focus on identified priorities and sustain organisation development and change management efforts. I highly recommend this to all companies and organisations looking at ways to lead in their respective domains, excel for the future, and overcome the odds and impediments to achieve greater success.

Bernard Wong
Head, Fleet Management, PSA Marine


We are glad to participate in the OTR workshop. The sessions have not only helped us identify the gaps and blind spots that we have earlier missed out, they have also helped to reinforce our end goals along with the enablers required. The roadmap charted over the next 10 years will serve as a useful guide as we embark on our full scale implementation. Once again, we thank NTUC in supporting us in our transformation journey.

Wong Wai Cheng
Chief Engineer, Water Supply Network Department, Public Utilities Board


Through the OTR process, the facilitators encouraged the team to think out of the box and consider different perspectives to address current and COVID-19 related challenges. The targeted questions helped the participants to systematically capture and chart ideas for the future. This also motivated us to look beyond our traditional business models to venture into new business opportunities and areas.

Tony Foo
CEO, Qian Xi Group of Restaurants


Building a roadmap through the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) has helped us visualize our thoughts and prepare us for tomorrow.

Deepak Anandani
President/CEO, Radha Exports Pte Ltd


RadX Group kickoff year 2022 with a systematic and meticulously planned growth roadmap with the guidance of NTUC’s Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) team. The training program was conducted brilliantly, which ranges from brainstorming for angles of growth and expansion, analyzing the company’s pain points, exploring solutions and ideas, and more. Additionally, the RadX team was pleasantly welcomed by the NTUC team’s enthusiasm, proactiveness and accommodative spirit which made the training session enjoyable. RadX Group would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to NTUC and the OTR team for the wonderful and fruitful experience. RadX group would definitely recommend any other companies to enroll in this program to achieve greater clarity for growth. Thank you so much!

Rob Chong Chun Loong
Partner, CEO, RadX Group


It was a wonderful experience for my team to go through the OTR workshops with the NTUC Training & Transformation Team and conceptualised the whole Road Map. Through your facilitation, we are able to actualise our ideas into actionable initiatives that will help us to chart our growth over the next few years. Thank you for the support!

Keith Koh
Chief Executive Officer, Ramky Cleantech Services


Developing our Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) in partnership with the Food, Drinks Allied Workers Union (FDAWU) and NTUC Training and Transformation team has been an enriching exercise. We could not have done this without the passionate efforts put in by the facilitators. Their engaging approach was instrumental in guiding us through the process, resulting in an exciting roadmap. The OTR is very insightful, guiding us through structured thinking and brainstorming to be able to plan ahead in operations and the hotel as a whole. Personally, I found it useful for my own and the organisation's development. A heartfelt thank you to the team and I look forward to work closely with NTUC in the various initiatives identified through this exercise.

Oscar Postma
General Manager, Regent Singapore


All companies should be looking to reformat and reset themselves in the new "Normal". On so many different levels, we are facing different types of challenges. The OTR process facilitated by NTUC is an extremely effective way to take measure of what is going on and thereby creating a roadmap to where you need to go. NTUC Training & Transformation team kept focus on what we needed to do and demonstrated the highest levels of process consultancy. Highly recommended.

Charles George Saint John Reed
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Royal Greyhound


OTR is an incredible model that allowed me, as a leader, to see more of what my team believes that they can achieve in the medium/ long term. There are even more accountability and alignment from all leaders to ensure that the overall goals of the organisation are achieved collectively. With OTR thought process being instilled as part of our business strategy, I am looking forward to seeing the results we are able to achieve.

Patrick Fiat
General Manager, Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore


The OTR workshop conducted by NTUC Training and Transformation Team has allowed SAPTCO to brainstorm and discuss our upcoming drives and strategies to better prepare our stakeholders to transform their businesses and align their objectives to the transforming trends of the Training & Adult Education (TAE) industry. The process has allowed us to identify critical projects that SAPTCO could embark on to strengthen the Association and its member's capabilities. On behalf of SAPTCO and all our members, we thank you for a valuable and instrumental OTR.

Adrian Ang
President, Strategic Association of Professional Training-Consulting Organisations (SAPTCO)


The OTR process enabled us to have a customised roadmap containing workforce and business transformations, and identified what needs to be done over the next 5 years. Through the engaging discussion, we were able to gain a broader perspective to accelerate business transformation, and identify suitable resource to support business growth and manpower transformation What's most useful about the sessions was the fact that all stakeholders were engaged, union leaders, management partners and HR representatives to ensure win-win outcomes. While the focus was on the Progressive Wage Model and Safety, the team recognises the efforts required to spearhead changes in digitalisation, as well as providing service excellence. We are thankful for the support. Thank you NTUC OTR team.

Lek Shao Hua
Head Operations and Maintenance, SembWaste


The NTUC facilitators are excellent in guiding us through the Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR). We identified a five-year roadmap over the exercise and outlined some key business goals on ways to increase revenue, streamline work processes and improve staff engagement. We also zoomed in on areas for technology adoption to improve work productivity, multi-skill the workforce, redesign job roles to increase employability/re-employability, thereby bringing the Club forward into the digital world.

Farrock Ebrahim
General Manager, Serangoon Gardens Country Club


On behalf of Setsco, I would like to thank you and your team for guiding us through this very enriching OTR journey. My team has enjoyed and benefited from this brain storming and interactive sessions. Your structured approach has helped us to identify technologies, training needs and others, in our efforts to establish a long-term strategy for the company.

Sze Thiam Siong
Chief Executive Officer, Setsco Services


“Shine Bright like a Diamond” When approached to leverage on the Operation Technology Roadmap process, we were delighted to embark on this discovery journey with the NTUC Training and Transformation team. The sessions saw the team probing and scrutinizing each department of SHINERS and strategies that are ho lis tic to propel the company’s workforce and business growth and transformation, such as automation adoption, re designing jobs, and skills upgrading. It is definitely an experience that SHINERS is benefitting from, as the whole process translated to actionable plans and strategies that are currently being explored launching SHINERS into the next growth wave.

John Selvan
Managing Director, Shiners Facilites


OTR programme facilitated by NTUC offered an opportunity for the participating company to review its short and mid term goals to stay competitive in the market. The trainers and facilitators engaged by NTUC have been helpful and insightful, they helped us to better understand the challenges ahead of us that we were able to establish a customised roadmap aligned to our business strategies and goals. The process is creative and fun, it is a joyful experience.

Ringo Leung
General Manager, Singapore Flyer


The Operation and Technology Roadmap exercise is a systematic approach to identify the drivers that will shape our strategies. It allows us to better plan our directions ahead to achieve the club’s objectives. NTUC facilitators are well prepared and ran the workshops in an interactive manner. We enjoyed the brainstorming sessions with colleagues from different departments. This is a future-proofing business roadmap for the club.

Desmond Tay
General Manager, Singapore Island Country Club


The TIC Interest Group, comprising more than 20 TIC companies under the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), has benefitted from the Operation & Technology Roadmapping (OTR) sessions facilitated by the NTUC Training & Transformation Team. We mapped out the general trends and direction of the TIC sector, identified industry needs, and looked into initiatives to uplift the sector. In the next five years, we hope to develop new TIC capabilities, form a strong TIC Interest Group, and work with the industry partners to establish Singapore as a regional testing hub. Indeed, it turned out to be a very fruitful and beneficial session as we worked together to develop deeper capabilities that would help TIC companies move up the value chain and allow them to serve as a platform for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to adapt their training curriculum towards industry needs. On behalf of the TIC Interest Group and SMF, I would like to express my great appreciation to the team.​

Sze Thiam Siong
Chairman, Testing, Inspection & Certification Interest Group, Singapore Manufacturing Federation


The 5 sessions of Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) planning are a great tool to map transformation for SMCTA in the next 5 years. It helps SMCTA to bring cross functional team work together to map process in the strategic planning and resources needed. The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge learning from experience, and being fully practice oriented. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. High quality content and engaging presentation by the facilitators. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the NTUC OTR team, all of them were excellent, extremely professional, and knowledgeable and created positive learning environments.

Rex Tan
President, Singapore Motor Cycle Trade Association


A big thank you to the NTUC Training & Transformation Team for organizing 3 intensive virtual sessions and creating the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) for SNEC. Engagement with stakeholders from various departments to plan a 3-year objective was insightful. During the 3 sessions, bountiful great ideas were generated as we explored the emerging trends in the market and create pathways to attain the objective. The connections and opportunities that NTUC has provided are definitely valuable resources for the team. The facilitators did a great job in engaging participants to brainstorm on the topics while ensuring that the session is still kept fun and enjoyable, albeit being conducted virtually. We look forward to overcoming the new challenges with the guidance from the NTUC Training and Transformation Team.

Lai Hwei Ching
Senior Pharmacy Manager, Singapore National Eye Centre


The Singapore Optometric Association (SOA) is grateful to have NTUC T&T conduct the SOTR for the Optometry sector. The roadmap anchors the different stakeholders to work together to better shape our profession. The T&T team has masterfully facilitated the entire workshop over several weeks to craft out the role of Optometry in the Community for the years to come. The roadmap now serves as a purposeful guide to align and elevate our profession. This SOTR exercise will definitely change the eye health trajectory here in Singapore and better the visual welfare for our fellow Singaporeans. Thank you NTUC T&T team for believing in us and for doing it for us! I’m sure many other sectors will benefit from your expertise.

Ken Tong
President, Singapore Optometric Association


Singapore Plumbing Society is very grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to walk the plumbing and sanitary sector OTR journey together with the key industry stakeholders which include PUB, PUB Employees Union, Union of ITE Training Staff and NTUC U SME. With the facilitation of NTUC Training and Transformation Group, we were able to devise a comprehensive OTR roadmap after 4 half-day sessions. The OTR roadmap provides a clear pathway for our industry to stay relevant and to drive towards higher professionalism through continual training, adoption of technology and collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Tan Wee Teck
President, Singapore Plumbing Society


Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) values Human Capital and aligns with NTUC's initiative to support workers in achieving better prospects through company training. We appreciate NTUC's team and their partnership with our management team and AREU in the CTC. Together, we have developed near, mid, and long-term business strategies and workforce plans using the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) tool, facilitating the process for SRC. Through this exercise, SRC has established a clear mission - FORWARD SRC 2025. The OTR sets goals with ownership, serving as an action plan to track quarterly achievements. Now, SRC has a vision for New Branding, Business Transformation, Enhanced Digitalization, and Automation in processes and services. We trust SRC's management and Human Resource capabilities to inspire a lifelong learning attitude in our workforce, improve staff competencies through upskilling, and make SRC the premier club of choice in town.

Christina Teo
Manager, Human Resources, Singapore Recreation Club


We would like to express our gratitude and thanks for helping us create such an excellent Operation Technology Roadmap (OTR) with our management team. The OTR will certainly help us to map our journey on the adoption of new technology and improve our existing processes and services to our members with the new initiatives. We appreciate your guidance, responsiveness, and candid communication throughout the process of generating the OTR. As a team, we at SSC have learned a lot. It has been a great joy working with you and your team. We look forward to more collaboration with NTUC Training and Transformation team and the Union.

Brenden Gurusamy
General Manager, Singapore Swimming Club


Our sincere thanks to the NTUC Training and Transformation team for hosting our OTR workshop. Our Professionalising Heavy Vehicle Sector and Workforce Roadmap came timely as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Together with partnership from Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Container Depot and Logistics Association Singapore) (CDAS) and participants from transport and logistics SMEs, as well as other industry stakeholders such as government reps (Enterprise SG, Workforce SG, SkillsFuture SG), PSA, e2i and NTUC Learning Hub. We can work collaboratively on ideas, brainstorming sessions and synergistic efforts on the part of all parties. This roadmap has helped us identify crucial projects that STA could undertake to strengthen the Association. Thank you for the success of our OTR workshop, and we look forward to working closely with NTUC on the various initiatives identified through this workshop.

Alan Chan
Secretary General, Singapore Transport Association


We are looking for the direction of business growth and long-term development. Through OTR workshops, the team brainstorms, understands our business and develops new deliverables through the roadmaps.

Brian Sim
Director, S.M.S Marine


OTR project allow team members share their idea, discuss and work towards the betterment of the company goals. OTR helps to eliminate reactionary cycles, can help create a clear timeline for acquiry work towards company objective, break down to long terms goals into short team projects. Also help company to facilitate the integration of Automation into the business and identify new business opportunities for exploiting new technology. OTR helps also charted out structure Training. Facilitator of OTR Team, demonstrates excellent presentation and encouraging by helping out gather information needed and provides meaningful information to decision makers that helps in the preparation and implementation of company goals.

Yvonne Lim
Asst Human Resource Manager, Sun City Maintenance


We had the pleasure to work with IT&T Manufacturing Team on our OTR journey. The team’s collective experience and insights played a huge part in ensuring the resultant roadmap is specific and actionable. The ability to conduct the sessions both virtually and physically, incorporating our planned actions from our SIRI report, while retaining high level of engagement is a testament to the team’s passion and creativity. We sincerely appreciate the UWEEI and IT&T’s support in our strategic planning efforts and look forward to executing them via the CTC platform.

Javin Yeo
Programme & Performance Manager, Thales DIS Singapore


Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to NTUC – Operations & Technology Roadmap (OTR) Team for the successful facilitation of our workshop. The OTR organized by NTUC is a project that is timely and a blessing for companies who are looking for change. The session is systematic and well thought out. My team members had a chance to think deeper about company's strengths and directions. The facilitators for our workshop are competent in drawing out thoughts and ideas from each of our participants and they have also successfully kept my colleagues meaningfully engaged throughout our 5 half-day sessions. The outcome of this workshop is that we concluded with a comprehensive roadmap for the next few years towards achieving our corporate vision. I highly recommend this workshop to companies who has plans to grow while at the same time, wanting to give their colleagues a say in how to achieve it. We want to say, a BIG Thank You to NTUC T&T Team!

Kenneth Chia
Managing Director, The Seafood Company


The OTR is a exercise that expands the horizon of Training Vision Institute's (TVI) strategic intentions. It allows for the entire team at TVI to stretch our thinking towards the landscape of disruption and opportunity sourcing in the emerging landscape for the Education sector in the 21st Century. We appreciate and applaud the time, dedication and sincerity of the NTUC team in helping us facilitate our thinking and dialogue through this OTR project. We feel that such attitude of the team will certainly be well received by many other SMEs intending to embark on such a journey.

David Kwee
CEO, Training Vision Institute


Through the OTR, we were able to take a step back to have a good scan of the external drivers, applying the customers’ lens and mapping out our key priorities to meet the goal of building “An inclusive and Future Ready TADM” in the next two to three years. OTR is a good framework for organisation and union to work together and map out the steps needed to achieve transformational outcomes. The roadmap will be a good foundation block and guide to TADM in engaging and building its people to achieve a common transformation vision.

Periyasamy Kandhavel
Director, Industrial Relations & General Manager, Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM)


We are thankful and glad that the Operations and Technology Roadmap (OTR) has been introduced to Venture. The management tool goes beyond the SWAT analysis to chart the future development of our enterprise. It is a roadmap where resource planning, talent development and technology acquisition is developed. It is a comprehensive, thorough and in-depth analysis process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NTUC Training & Transformation officers for their patience and coaching. They are professional and knowledgeable. They conducted the workshops efficiently and effectively, inspired and steered the team towards the right direction. In conclusion, OTR allows us to delve deeper into our current internal and external status, and where we want to be in the future.

Hong Ching Chung
Director of Operations, Venture Corporation


We would like to thank the NTUC Training & Transformation (T&T) team for facilitating a smooth process of the Operations & Technology Roadmapping (OTR) exercise, and to help us visualise the future potential of our company in a simple, straight forward methodology. We are truly grateful for this opportunity through our partnership with the Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU) and hope to operationalise the roadmap deliverables that were discussed.

Kevin Ng Jia Quan
Managing Director, Vicinity Studio Pte. Ltd.


Through the Operation & Technology Roadmap process, we are able to witness the way how the team showed knowledge, experience, critical thinking and resilience in improving our capabilities.

Desmond Tan
Deputy General Manager, Wah & Hua


Initially, the thought of coming up with a roadmap to transform the operations of our members seemed like a mammoth task, given the multitude of views from everyone. However, through their systematic and tactful approach, our NTUC C-OTR facilitators were able to allow all to have their say and yet, have their opinions categorised and placed in order of priority for further discussion and eventually, implementation.

Melissa Tan
PBM, Chairman, Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS)


Through the structured and well-planned OTR sessions, we were able to better appreciate the external trends affecting the business and industry and then map out the future strategies and directions for our mid and long-term goals.

Gary Woo
Chief Executive Officer, Weishen Industrial Services


We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the NTUC Training and Transformation Team who facilitated the OTR journey for the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council’s Facilities Management Committee. The Facilities Management ecosystem is constantly evolving and WSH is an important factor especially during these challenging times. The structured sessions enabled many good ideas to be surfaced, supported by a clear map of resources that could be tapped on to bring the ideas to fruition. The deliverables will be used in conjunction with the Committee’s existing work plan to achieve our WSH 2028 Vision. The OTR roadmap also has the flexibility to be adjusted to adapt to any changes in the landscape. The Committee has benefitted much from these sessions which will chart our direction to improve WSH standards and outcomes for the Facilities Management stakeholders. Thank you!

Daniel T’ng
Co-Chairperson, WSH Council (Facilities Management) Committee


The online OTR workshops conducted by the NTUC Training and Transformation team has helped us to clarify our company’s direction and plans in the mid to long term. It forced us to think deeper on the evolving landscape, identify what products and services we need to introduce​​ to respond to the trends and how should we go about implementing it. OTR is a useful tool for our future planning purpose. We are thankful that the Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU) and NTUC team are there to support us as we transform our business and strengthen our HR capabilities.

Tiffany Wang
Managing Director, Yappy Pets



In November 2019, Yusen Logistics (Singapore) set up a Company Training Committee (CTC) in partnership with SISEU/NTUC. As a follow-up and to further support the CTC partnership, Yusen Logistics (Singapore) team participated in the Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) Program conducted by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to develop a 3-year business transformation roadmap to support our business and workforce transformation. We embarked on the OTR program to identify the technologies and training gaps so as to increase the competitive edge of our business in the logistics industry. With the customized business transformation roadmap, it would guide our team to steer the organization towards achieving our business strategy to build, strengthen and expand our capabilities to support the identified deliverables. It was definitely a very insightful session for us and we would like to thank NTUC and SISEU in supporting us in our transformation journey.

Lloyd Wee
Managing Director, Yusen Logistics (Singapore)