NTUC Training and Transformation works with unions and companies to utilise the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) tool to support workforce and business transformation.

As a partner of A*STAR, Industry Training Officers from NTUC Training and Transformation team are trained and certified in the OTR methodology. ​

What Is OTR

OTR helps companies (SMEs and MNCs) visualise how their business can grow and workers can transform by capitalising on the right drivers, products, services, and technologies.

It is conducted in a series of planning workshops involving companies' stakeholders to take stock of the present and chart the way forward. This process is facilitated by Industry Training Officers from NTUC Training and Transformation and is done in consultation with union leaders, management partners, and/or HR representatives to ensure win-win outcomes for companies and workers.

The OTR process will be conducted across 5 half-day sessions.


Outcomes from OTR

At the end of the OTR process, companies will have a customised roadmap containing workforce and business transformations. With the customised roadmap, companies should be able to:

  • Gain a broader perspective to accelerate business transformation
  • Lead the team forward through a unified strategy
  • Identify suitable resource to support business growth and manpower transformation
NTUC Training and Transformation will also help connect companies to resources needed for growth and transformation.

Who Can Apply

Should you be interested, please email NTUC Training and Transformation at trainandtransform@ntuc.org.sg​.

The OTR process is fully subsidised by NTUC for companies with Company Training Committees.